Everspry Cloud™

Everspry Cloud™ is a secure and effective cloud-based platform that supports Everspry products.
Shoeprint data can be acquired via multiple sources and directly send to EverASM™, our flagship shoeprint recognition system for matching and comparison.

Access 60,000 shoe reference database.
Deep neural networks matching algorithms.
Link crime to crime, suspect to crime, or find reference.
Detailed process for evidential comparison.
Safely communicate and share the data with your colleagues.

Easy-to-build shoeprint database

Shoeprint evidence can be uploaded to the Everspry Cloud™ directly at the crime scene using mobile device, or at custody suite and forensics lab using workstation with installed EverASM™.

Safe communication between forces

Shoeprint data can be safely shared between forces, allowing fast cross-border case linking and cooperation.

Secure data storage

Everspry Cloud™ is hosted on the secure Azure cloud. Azure infrastructure is resilient to cyber attacks, safeguards user access, and helps keep your data secure using advanced encryption techniques, as well as threat management and mitigation, including regular penetration testing.