EverLSS V2.0™

Everspry Latent Shoeprint Scanner (EverLSS V2.0™) is a device designed for high-quality shoeprint image acquisition on various surfaces, such as composite wood flooring, marble tiles, mud, snow and other.
Display resolution 1920 x 1080
Imaging method Photographic
Imaging principle Array imaging
Image resolution 20 million pixels
Image acquisition method Singular, suitable for most crime scenes
Image acquisition speed < 30 sec
Image preview 30 frames/sec
Image file format BMP, JPEG, TIFF
Output port USB 2.0 port, standard SD port
Optical distortion No distortion
Lighting type LED lighting: 2-way flat light, 2-way diffuse light
Overall dimensions (LWH) 425 x 225 x 160 mm
Main screen type 11.6 inch LCD display
Total weight 6 kg
Image acquisition area (LW) 380 x 150 mm
Total storage 64 G
Power supply 7.8 Ah
Charge time 1.5 h
Packaging Ergonomically convenient backpack with gellifter
Image enhancement Able to enhance shoeprint image patterns, remove background, adjust exposure, etc.
Image preview Fast shoeprint image preview, real-time visualization, image position adjustment, and captured image preview
Image processing Supports adding measure length, text description, binary imaging, and compass
Operating time 2 h
Scaling Built-in scaling with automatic original size processing
Data export Shoeprint data is connected to shoeprint system, simplifying the operation process